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The past, the present and the future of Google PageRank

Google PageRank

The PageRank algorithm (PR for short) is a website ranking system created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University in the late 1990s and was in fact the basis on which they built the Google search engine. Many years have passed since then, and of course Google’s ranking algorithm has grown and become […]

How much does SEO cost?

Πόσο κοστίζει το SEO

It was understood from our previous articles, the reason we need SEO for our pages, is to get better Google ranking for these pages. Better ranking means more visitors to our site, more visitors means more potential customers, therefore more sales. How much does SEO cost? Search Engine Optimization is not a service that is […]

The progress of the search

search engines

As we continue our journey through time, in order to better understand how search engines have evolved and how they work nowadays, we take the baton from the article under the title of “Search engines – The history of their evolution”, where we referred to some of the greatest scientists – pioneers of search engines […]

Search engines – The history of their evolution

Vannevar Bush

It was almost 20 years from the appearance of ARPANET until we had the first search engine. It was created by Alan Emptage and named “Archie” (from Archives). “Archie” was able to retrieve files from a database by matching the user’s query using  regular expressions Archie did not use keywords to find relevant files as […]

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