Business card design

The readiness of a professional, who offers their business card at the right time is always impressive!

This move gives confidence and assurance for the services offered by their business!

The lack of a business card has the complete opposite effect. The verbal mention of the business is as if it never happened.

We live in the world and the age of the image. It has been proven that 80% of the population are visual learners due to the importance vision had in the evolutionary process for survival.

The card is something tangible, you offer it in order to inform the person you’re talking with what your business is about in a few words, they accept it and if the design, the choice of colors, perhaps a shape or the appropriate choice of font, momentarily manages to pique their interest the few moments before it is placed in the pocket or bag of your potential customer, then the moment they will need some service that you offer, they will refer back to it.

επαγγελματικες καρτες

Creating a business in an era of oversupply of everything, is not an easy task.

Yet the modern man seems to dare to pursue this step and rightly so, but this alone is not enough.

The business needs a clientele and in order for this to happen, it is imperative to make it known to everyone at every opportunity, the known to all promotion, commonly known as service promotion.

Promotion is everything.

Without proper promotion your business is as if it doesn’t exist. Your prospective clientele out there and is constantly bombarded by advertisements for all sorts of services.

Even when the consumer is not looking for something, at least not something specific, a product or service will draw them in.

This should not put you off, on the contrary it puts you in the promotion race, which is a creative process and brings you even closer to your objective!

Once you have created your online presence as a business, the next step is to design your business card.

This seemingly small piece of “paper”, is you and what you represent as professionals.

Its ultimate purpose is to express the way you want your prospective client to see you, for example that the services you offer have, let’s say, taste, finesse or attention to detail, clarity, consistency, complexity or absolute minimalism, imagination or realism, focus on the shape or the key word – phrase you wish to lock in their mind.

So, focus on the key element of targeting, keeping in mind all of the above and leave the design of your business card to us.

Logo design

After we contact you, discuss your thoughts on your logo design, understand your needs and vision for your business, we will proceed with the initial  logo design.

Here, apt planning with clarity is required. Subsequently, a draft will be sent to you, which will be our reference point until the completion of the logo design.σχεδιασμος λογοτυπου

The logo will be your trademark and from then on it will be featured on your website, on your card, on social media and of course on your flyers.

Advertising brochures – flyers

Advertising brochures do not necessarily have to have the logic of a business card.

Usually you don’t offer them yourself so they lack live contact, so the design logic is different.

Due to their larger size, advertising brochures will target more information, possibly even details of your services, probably including an offer you wish to communicate at a particular time.


Promotions naturally change and vary depending on your sales performance, your goals, and the season we’re in, so make sure you print often so that there is a constant flow of promotion for your business.

* All the above-mentioned services of logo design, advertising brochure design or other prints design are for the lay-out design and not the printing.