Search Engine Optimization What is SEO

The word SEO is acronym for Search Engine Optimization which for the sake of brevity we call SEO and it describes the Optimization procedures we carry out on the pages of a website in order for it to be friendly towards the search engines.

To make it more understandable we should refer to the way search engines work (for more information it would be useful for you to read our article on the history of search engines) especially Google which is used by the vast majority of users worldwide.

76% of computer users and 86% of mobile users use Google as a search engine.

Google analyses the pages of a website with special bots that visit them, they collect data for those pages, which is processed by an algorithm and then each page of the site is categorized and finally sorted based on hundreds of factors – criteria that Google sets as necessary conditions for this process.

The more of these criteria – factors are met by a website, the higher its ranking will be in the results that Google will display in a search.

τι ειναι το seo

The objective of a search engine, especially Google, is to provide the user with the best possible result for the search they make.

Google loves websites without technical problems, with quality content that make the visitor’s experience enjoyable.

With Search Engine Optimization we achieve exactly that, we help the search engine which in turn reciprocates by sending us visitors and consequently new potential customers.

93% of global “traffic” comes from search engines.

Types of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is divided into 3 main types.

  • White hat SEO

    • It’s what we would describe as “by the book“, we operate by rules and do not deviate from them. It is the safest way, it does not involve any risk, but it has a “disadvantage”, it takes time.
  • Grey Hat SEO

    • Again, the guiding principle is the rules set by Google, but some shortcuts, some techniques and strategies are used to speed up time and achieve better rankings. But this is where the one risk for a penalty from google starts to come in, which should be factored into our decision to pursue a more aggressive strategy.
  • Black Hat SEO

    • Here the priority is solely the ranking at any cost, this results in a penalty from Google which should be considered a certainty at some point. Usually, this type of SEO, is used by ignorant users who unknowingly try to do it on their own. Or by deft individuals who are aware of the implications but consciously disregard them.

More about each type can be found below :

SEO Categories

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is exactly what its name implies, namely the technical parameters that affect the visibility of a website by search engines. The main goal of technical SEO is to ensure that search engine crawlers (bots) can crawl and index a website without problems. For example, optimizing robots.txt, creating XML Sitemap etc

On-Page SEO

On Page SEO is about the page itself and how to make it more friendly to search engines and users. It should be noted that while search engines look at a website as a whole, ranking is done at the web page level. This is why it is important to pay attention to the optimization of each web page on a website. For example, titles, tags, photos etc

Content SEO

Content SEO is essentially a subcategory of On-Page SEO and it pertains to the quality of content and how to improve it. Publishing great content that users love and search engines can understand, is the recipe for success.

Off-Page SEO

This part is more about the promotion of our website or the brandname of the company. While the previous types of SEO focused more on the infrastructure and content of the website, Off-Page SEO uses techniques to promote our website on the Internet. For example, creating SEO backlinks from other websites, brand promotion, paid ads, etc

SEO ιστοσελίδων

Local SEO

A type of SEO that is ideal for local businesses, where your goal is to get customers to visit your local store.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is again not a different type in itself, but another subcategory of SEO specifically for mobile devices, phones, tablets etc.

eCommerce SEO – E-shop SEO

The optimization of an e-commerce website (Eshop) is certainly much more complicated than the corresponding one of a blog or a Company Presentation page.

However, with the right strategy we can achieve excellent results over time.

SEO Services

Rank Tracker

Tracking the ranking that a website has in the search engines we are interested in. (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) for specific keywords – key phrases. It helps a lot to know and track the ranking of our site for specific keywords – key phrases, in order to set our goals and track the progress of our strategy.

By finding our own ranking we automatically identify our real competitor, which will help us to plan our future strategy.

Keyword Research

We could describe it as a “must have” service for evaluating the keywords – key phrases we use on our site pages and finding new keywords – key phrases with little competition and high volume (traffic).

We provide all the aforementioned SEO services individually and in combinations of subscription and combined SEO services that meet the needs of every business.  You can see them in detail here


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not a sprint but a marathon. Careful tracking, proper strategy, perseverance and patience will bring the desired results.

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