What is White Hat SEO?

In order to carry out Search Engine Optimization on a page we need to devise a strategy that we will follow to achieve specific goals. Strategies that include White Hat SEO are clearly focused on optimizing the content of a website by providing its visitors with high quality content and of course with relative relevance between the content and the identity of the site.


What do we mean by relevance of content?

A website dedicated to Search Engine Optimization for example, it makes sense for it to provide in-depth articles and information on SEO, there may also be articles on web design, Google ads cpc or Webmaster guidelines which are directly related to the identity of the website and the services it provides. An article with cultural content, however well-written it may be, will not only not help the website by upgrading it, but will, in a sense, “blur” the clear picture that we should seek for the search engines to have of the website. This clear picture, we try in principle to create and in the process maintain, with White Hat SEO. “Respecting” the algorithm of a search engine is a cornerstone of White Hat SEO, which means that we should avoid the temptation to use various “tricks” that actually undermine the algorithm.

Why is White Hat SEO important?

Its importance lies in the innovation it has brought and the order it has essentially imposed on the chaos that prevailed on the internet in the past. Without common rules to be followed by the majority of sites, there can be no proper classification of the internet and this would result in countless wasted hours browsing the wrong pages until we find what we want, but also in the manipulation of the classification with all that this implies. This is not a fear or an estimation, it is part of the history of the internet.

White Hat SEO, no pain no gain!

We base the business and its reputation on solid ground.  White Hat SEO will take time to start paying off, but the results it produces are long term. Quality content is the King of White Hat SEO, Google has as its first and main priority the satisfaction of its user, this should be our own goal as well.

We know our target audience

We optimize our content to match specific keywords – key phrases

We use images and videos

These are the basics that we can start to work on and improve, they are not simple, they are not little, they require time and knowledge to get it right and perform properly.

Always remember, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

Our ultimate goal is organic traffic, to have visitors to our pages without paying advertising costs. SEO is an investment for the future of our business and that’s how we should treat it.

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